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J.D. Greear on Witnessing

"Our works don't replace the verbal preaching of the gospel, but in them we demonstrate, tangibly, the love and grace that we proclaim with our mouths. Effective gospel preaching is explaining with our words what we demonstrate with our lives.

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Bryan Chapell on Forgiveness

"By forgiving, we do become Christ to others. By bearing in our bodies the weight of unjust accusation, undeserved pain, and unretaliated harm, we are the Holy Spirit's message of Jesus to others. By the practice of forgiveness we have

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Oswald Sanders on Worship

"Worship is the loving ascription of praise to God for what He is in Himself and in His providential dealings. It is the bowing of our innermost spirit before Him in deepest humility and reverence. Worship is the adoring contemplation

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