Hello & Welcome to Drift Prairie Pastor

I am Pastor Jeff. Drift Prairie Pastor is my web site, blog, book journal, or whatever else I need it to be. I am a Jesus follower, husband, father, friend, pastor, and theologian. I’m also an expatriate Southerner happily living on the Western edge of the drift prairie and connoisseur of fine coffee and gummy bears.

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A Pertinent Question

I was recently asked what I would say to someone who is a Christian, on a local church roll and yet habitually misses or never attends. Well, that is good question. I would tell them that they need to go to church and then I would try to explain from

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Rediscovering the Beauty of Life

Originally published by me elsewhere in 2009 with a couple of updates Have you stopped lately to take it in? Have you looked at around lately? I drove through the Northern part of our county yesterday. I had forgotten how many different shades of green were possible. The evergreens that

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Enter Into Reality

If we enter into His reality, we realize that the only thing that we have to offer that is of any worth is what God has done and is continuing to do in our lives. Our only true wealth is that which God pours into us.

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David Garland on the Incarnation

"The story of Christmas celebrates the fulfillment of God's promises and the incarnation of God in human flesh. That meaning is memorably captured by John 3:16. God loves, and God gives in order to save... It meant giving rather than getting, and Christ gave until He was empty; but

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J.D. Greear on Witnessing

"Our works don't replace the verbal preaching of the gospel, but in them we demonstrate, tangibly, the love and grace that we proclaim with our mouths. Effective gospel preaching is explaining with our words what we demonstrate with our lives. In our service, we make visible the invisible Christ." > J.

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Bryan Chapell on Forgiveness

> "By forgiving, we do become Christ to others. By bearing in our bodies the weight of unjust accusation, undeserved pain, and unretaliated harm, we are the Holy Spirit's message of Jesus to others. By the practice of forgiveness we have the privilege of being a living witness to the One

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