Why would Jesus be any different now?

I keep hearing so much regarding a "new" Jesus. Am I to believe that haters of the Christian faith are far more objective than anyone else in reporting the "facts" of our faith?

What was up with that mess about finding Jesus' bones a few years back? Isn't that about as old an attack on the faith as exists.

Oh yeah, and they found Jesus' wife's bones as well, ...and wait, that is not all! You get their son's bones as well.

And I am sure that the documentary filmmaker has passed on his chosen profession and has begun to make infomercials for the Hollywood Christian bashing industry.

Hey dude, were there a couple of Ginsu blades and a set of steak knives in the bottom of that ossuary?

Remember the James ossuary? It was forged. These are as well. But that will not stop the Discovery Channel from airing these fabrications like they are legitimate front page news.

One good point is that this proves there is still much interest in our Savior. Lets get out and let the truth do its work.

"8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

⸺ (Hebrews 13:8, CSB)