A quote from Paul David Tripp's New Morning Mercies book. I thought that it was worthy of sharing. ... especially the day before the day we set aside to remember what we are thankful for.

It is a daily battle,
one that is free of
physical weapons,
political parties,
and national boundaries.
It is a battle that has been raging
since the garden
and will not stop until the war
is finally won.
This battle is not fought
between people,
it is fought
within people.
It is a much greater danger
to each of us
than war between nations
will ever be.
It is a battle of awe.
We were created to live in
a real,
awe of God.
But other awes kidnap our hearts.
Awe of creation,
awe of other people,
and awe of ourselves
shove the awe of God
out of our hearts.
So we need grace to see again,
to tremble again,
and to bow down again
at the feet of the One who deserves
our awe.

It is dangerous to live without your heart being captured by awe of God, because awe of God is quickly replaced by awe of you.